What’s on My Needles

Here We Gnome Again

My new start for 2022…Here We Gnome Again by Sarah Schira. Yes, the hat is fiddly. But, how cute? Ice blue acrylic of unknown origin seems a perfectly cold January color. The alternative is to work on my Starflanket which is in the naughty corner. I don’t like the way the inc/dec sections of the brioche are naturally so loose that my fingers easily poke through….not suitable for the two year old recipient! So, I’ve frogged back and am going to do vertical garter short rows to fill the ‘valleys’, including an Icord edging, then pick up stitches to do the brioche section without needing to do any shaping….that’s my plan….which happens to be plan ‘d’ so we’ll see! Unfortunately it will turn the star shape into a circle….but, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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