Progress & Pie

Winter’s arrival gives me more knitting time! I’m a knitter, I’ve trained for this….so true!

January Gnome #2 has half a hat!

Mike loves apple pie….proper crust to fruit ratio, of course – SMH. For someone who doesn’t cook he likes to be really opinionated about what he eats, I just roll my eyes! Baker daughter suggested recently that I switch to KAFlour’s basic crust. My go to would sometimes break apart. She knows! Filling is my usual…but, I must have gotten distracted because I forgot to add corn starch so it came out a bit more liquidy (yes, spell-check, liquidy is a word) than I prefer, but still great.

Starflanket is out of the naughty corner! I’m on what should be the brioche section BUT the increase/decrease columns were creating such a loose fabric. The basic brioche was perfectly proportioned but I could stick my fingers straight through the shaping and that won’t work for a two year old. So rip, reknit….rip, reknit….rip….trying to find a way to compensate. Then I decided to find a way to eliminate the peaks and valleys so the brioche could be added without. I worked out how to do a knitted on garter stitch border with an Icord edge in alternating colors. Starting each section with a WS/purl ‘row’ in the new color, then the short row join seems ‘seamless’ to make a join/edge that mimics the look of the star sections in the middle. Blanket will be round from this point but will work so.much.better.for its intended recipient!

Happy Knitting!

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