Starflanket….to Circle Blanket!

The brioche section’s inc/dec for the star’s ‘peaks and valleys’ was just too open. So….knit rip knit rip…..redesigned….alternating colors C and D, created short row sections to even out the circle. With color C or D, pick up stitches from one point to the next so RS maintains k stitches, initial sections requires an additional 3st co for Icord edge plus one to start the row. Inc row: k3 (Icord sts), k to last 2sts, kfb, k last st tbl w/edge st to join. This method creates a join edge that looks almost like an Icord so each section appears to be a half of what the initial star sections look like. Non-inc row, k to last st, join as above. All WS: (k back backward to avoid turning blanket every row) sl join st w/ yarn on ws, k to last 3sts, sl3. Repeat to center of valley, change kfb to k2tog to decrease back to 5 sts: 1edge, 1body and 3Icord sts. Repeat around. NEXT – how many st to pick up around to work brioche section?????!!!!!

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