A week of finishing…

Busy week! Lots of non-knitting work happened….real life sometimes gets in the way. Lots of knitting happened. Two finished objects, progress on finishing an object and knitting, knitting, knitting!

These two ear warmers were finished for my best man!


He loves them and wore the gray one today.

My Sandhurst sweater has been almost done since before Christmas, but ends need to be woven in….worked on that in the afternoon sunshine today, until playoff game came on. Priorities!


Still knitting on my Hippo for Hanukkah Shawl. Half done with the 2nd skein of the main color. Why does it seem like each row of the wide end of an asymmetrical shawl takes soooo long?!


Still knitting on this as I watch the last seconds of the Vikings vs Saints game…

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