January Socks…

This first pair of 2018 is out of what I consider my vanilla sock pattern (below)…I think every knitter has their own go to, this one is mine. I really enjoyed knitting this pair out of Old Oak Yarns in their Hardwood Sock Base, 75/25, 100g – 453, 32g remain for darning or some other fun. Old Oak Yarns is often featured on the Fibre Friends Podcast, of the trio, Adrienne creates lovely yarns like this, Caroline creates project bags, and Louise creates patterns.

2mm dbl pt needles, co 20 for toe. inc every other round to 52, knit to 8.25″. knit 26 to waste yarn, then back onto regular yarn for after-though leg. knit 4 rnds st st. dec every other round to 20 and kitchener for the heel. put 52 st from waste yarn back on needles, picking up 2 st at each side to close gap. dec 1 st every other round, to close gap, continue until 10 rounds knit. change to 2.5mm needles and k2 p2 for 100 rounds to accommodate a fold over leg that keeps my ankles toasty warm. bo loosely and weave in ends. done.

Most of the socks I’ve knit in this manner have been completed mindlessly, either while watching tv/movie/podcast, reading a book, sitting at stoplights on my commute, or while riding somewhere with my best man. I’ve knit them out of all kinds of fingering weight sock yarn.


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