September…is it really Fall already?

The feels like temp is supposed to be 105 today. Not really sweater weather yet…but it’s coming.

Making great progress on my Aqua Frieze pullover, from…wow, all the way back to Knitter’s Summer 2015. The yarn is a Craftsy special from a couple years ago that has been struggling to become something!

Aqua Frieze CO 8/19/18

Son’s blanket is my current car knitting project. Deschaine is finished and I love wearing it. Snowflake and Drift are both finished and waiting on ends to be woven in.

Plotting some travel knitting for a vacation trip later this month….visiting friends at the beach, meeting the newest grand-baby and then best-man has a horse event. Lots of car knitting!

Off to work now…

Happy Knitting!

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