It's a Ranunculus Kind of Year!

I’ve already knit one I’m calling Orange Sherbet, a third set of socks are on the needles, a Plum Boxy is keeping me warm. I can’t wait to wear my Marettimo in Pink when we get some warmer weather! Wow, Ravelry says that’s already 4,140yds used this year….that’s a lot of stitches, and what a cool feature to be able to track that!

There’s been so much extra knitting time the last couple months, since M has been having chemo treatments…once a week for two weeks, then a week off. We are currently in the week off prior to the fourth and final series. His latest scan showed really promising results. If all goes as planned, surgery will follow the next series of chemo….at the moment we don’t know how the Covid-19 pandemic will effect the timing, but we are hopeful! Prior to lock-down, we had a great day out at a brewery with kids, fabulous barbecue….M had pasta with the boys after chemo…..blueberry pancakes for the win….bowling day….family reunion/birthday celebration with the oldest surviving member of the clan. It has been a busy winter!

Gauge swatching for the latest Ranunculus is slow going….I think I need a strand of mohair to add to the wool to fill in the gaps a bit as I try to get the right stitch count. The fabric is so soft but a bit too loose! I tried a black 100% baby alpaca strand but the contrast was too much. I’m thinking more of a beige/off white to complement the green since it has brown tones. (couldn’t wait…just ordered some mohair from Legacy Fiber Artz)

Bamboo Pop Raglan is growing…since the weekend is over and I’m working from home, it has be relegated to just evening knitting. I’ve just put the sleeve stitches on holders to continue knitting down the body of the sweater.

OMG! Loving the distraction from…well…all the things! Some of my favorite knitting podcasts are (in no particular order):

That’s a good start! Not all of these are putting out new episodes at the moment, but sometimes going back to review/binge watch older episodes is comforting, too. And books, too….I’m so loving that I can read and knit at the same time.

Happy Knitting!

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