2020 – The Year of the Sweater?

Everywhere you turn, everything you hear…its all about current pandemic conditions. I’m done! I don’t want to hear or see anymore, leave me alone and let me knit in peace, take care of my husband, and work from my home office. Call me when I can go out again!

On any given weekend, I would normally be cooking elaborate meals to have left-overs during the week. However, my husband is not doing much eating these days, so really just cooking for me is not worth the effort on the daily. An occasional pot of beans or some pasta lasts all week! Thank God for Misfit Market produce deliveries. 🙂 My occasional trip for ‘grocery’ supplies is pretty quick. All this to say, I’ve had an incredible amount of extra time for knitting. After all, my commute is all of 3 steps instead of 45-120 minutes each way! Loving that!

Ranunculus #2 is finished (in 4 evenings plus a weekend – 6 days) and so is my Twisted Little Raglan (21 days, it is fingering weight after all). I love them both! The pink in the photo is an errant start to my Love Note. This is some ancient stash yarn 50/50 alpaca/wool, but when I reached the middle…about 8 inches below the join under the arms and realized that the incredibly splotchy…is that a word? yarn is just not how I want this to look. It ranges from pale pink to dark pink and alternating skeins succeeded only in creating a striped effect. So…I contacted Dianne – SuburbanStitcher and ordered some mohair in her Lagniappe colorway, and a skein of sock yarn just because! She was super helpful. Reskeining that yarn to rinse the kinks out and start again. I’m also designing a v-neck pullover with a basket weave pattern, using some ancient stash that I know is 100% acrylic but an incredibly soft to the touch off-white.

Socks are going strong….need to put the second heel in to finish my March blue stripe socks. First of the rainbow socks also needs the heel, and the second sock is started. With stay at home orders still in effect, there hasn’t been a lot of travel knitting so progress is a little slow. (I have a zoom meeting later….so maybe a few more rounds?)

Last month I ordered some linen from Sweet Paprika Designs…I just love their linen, it is so soft it feels like I’m holding a silk/cashmere blend. It arrived yesterday and is so beautiful!

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