Happy Tuesday!

Isn’t the Basket Weave sweater is progressing nicely? Its just a bit boxy like a comfy sweatshirt. As usual when designing on the fly, the first sleeve has been reworked…this is #4, to get the decrease slope correct. Sunday evening I was about 9″ in, when I realized I had a sleeve that would fit better on my leg than my arm, so a rip back and restart! Second sock is just about to the round to mark the heel placement. I will go back later and add the heel to this and its mate, along with the one remaining heel for my blue pair. I like a really long leg, so I can fold them over…100 rounds of k2p2 ribbing takes a bit of knitting…5200 stitches. Never calculated that before, plus 100 rounds for the foot, then stitches for the heel and toe. Wow 10,400+ stitches is a lot. Okay, done thinking about that! It sounds like so many!!

This is week 6 of working from home. Things are slowing a bit as this drags on. Spring is coming which gives us something to look forward to…warmer weather, walks outside, watching the birds in the evening….

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