fresh start – welcome early summer!

Doesn’t that image just make you smile? The first fawn of the season always reminds me that life goes on and, no matter what, this too shall pass. Watching these two get to know each other in our back pasture has reminded me that it is time to stop, take a breath, and be thankful for all life has to offer.

I’ve done so much knitting in the last several weeks! First was my Muhly Poncho. Done except for the fringe.

M’s chemo ended in April, so prep for surgery began. Current conditions required no visitors except 4 hours post-surgery, then nothing until discharge 5 days later….so lots of hotel knitting. Thank goodness for one of our children being able to come and keep me company for a bit. And, they crochet…so we had to have a lesson.

I had a couple socks prepared to knit in case restrictions were relaxed, but no. So not much progress on these.

Worked a little on my Ankers Summer Top. Gorgeous Prism Euroflax yarn that has finally found its project! First day in the hotel, my yarn bowl fell and broke… I’m currently on sleeve-island…short-sleeve-island….but, still!

In the week before the surgery, I knit a Miette Shawl. Cast on one for my crochet instructor and got color combo approval during our visit. Finished and cast on a third one for another of my children…colors approved there too, but not yet finished.

According to Ravelry, this brings my total finished projects in 2020 to 12, with 9,028 yards used. Plus, 5 projects in the works…all mentioned above! As I continue to work from home and M continues to recover from surgery, more knitting is sure to come! I’ve got some super soft Sweet Paprika linen/silk that definitely needs to find its destiny, as well as some other random single skeins that need to be another Miette or something similar. And then there are these views…

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