Ah, summer at last!

Finished these three Miettes, May 20 – June 13! Still have to weave in the ends, but wow! Of course, by the time #3 was mostly done I had made some minor alterations that made the knitting lay smoother on the edges and makes me want to go back and redo #1, except that I won’t. Time to move on.

My Ankers Summer Top is done except for weaving in the ends…sensing a theme with that! My new love is a pink silk/linen Ranunculus which just needs the neck finished and sleeves added:

Socks are also progressing, but not worthy of photos…they’re just socks!

We had a ‘safe-distance’ visit from our son and his family on Father’s Day. The kids enjoyed their water guns and playing with the dogs. We FaceTimed with the Florida family and it was good for everyone to see that M is doing well post surgery. Surgeon agrees, everything is healing nicely and he starts infusions again next Thursday. So…more waiting/knitting to look forward to. This time I’m not sitting in the car in the parking garage! If I can’t go in with him, I will find somewhere outside to sit and knit. The garage was stuffy and dark and noisy….not great ambiance at all.

Contemplating my next summer top/sweater…I have more silk/linen to play with…maybe a Love Note? Maybe another Ankers top. Maybe a Cascata…though I’d put the lace insert on both sides to make it a more A-Line top as some have done. I haven’t done any crochet since the last post. I’m thinking of blanket possibilities but that seems like more of a winter activity…way too hot to have a blanket on my lap right now….

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