Knitting in July….in spite of the humidity

Ankers Summer Top and Pink Ranunculas are done….woohoo! Sock are also done, the heels made perfect in the car knitting while waiting for M at an appointment.

Bottom left is a beige silk/linen Cedar Pullover which has been frogged twice due to sizing issues. Who knew! I love the fabric and it should be loose this time of year, but there’s loose and then there’s holy***t this is way too big!

Bottom right is a pink Prism Lace Wool shawl, a la my vanilla, bias knit shawl recipe…increase along the long edge on the right side, then when I just can’t take it any longer: rs-k2tog/yo; ws-p across until there is just enough to cast off loosely. Block aggressively and wear bandana style. Makes perfect mindless knitting, but does require good light to see the stitches on 2.75mm needles. This one is a bit wiggly looking, I frogged a cardigan that was just to light to be practical in favor of this….this ***t will block out!

We lost power last night, no obvious reason…not stormy or windy! Of course, I was awake…. There was a loud ‘bang’ then zip, no light, no fan….only moonlight from the bedroom windows. Normally, there is light from the cable box, ambient light in one window from the neighbor’s outdoor lighting and in the other window from the street light; ceiling fan and floor fan making a bit of noise, no need for AC yet. Soooo quiet! It was out for about 2.5 hours then back on….of course I was still awake! Why does it always sound like a ‘zip’ with it goes off and a ‘whoosh’ when it comes back on?

Enjoyed using my new Yeti wine tumbler last night, a late birthday gift. Should I admit that I don’t think it holds enough and it is a bit slippery in my hand? Guess I just did! Kept my wine cold though and I certainly didn’t have to worry about broken glass which is a plus.

Might do some spinning later…really would like to get the green stuff finished so I can start something new.

Really enjoying the heat of summer, but missing knitting comfy sweaters and squishy knits. Also looking forward to experimenting with some crochet…so many stitches to explore!

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