Saturday is for…finishing…and starting!

NYC daughter’s mitts are finished. I could say I planned the color patterning this way…but, miraculously the yarn decided to fade from dark to light in just the right way for the second one so they are almost identical. They are snug on me, so will fit my mini-me perfectly! I made this pattern up, based on the gauge of the yarn. You can check it out on my Ravelry page, here…


And…My Hippos for Hanukkah Shawl is finished! Use 99% of the main yarn and the just bits of the two blue and the mustard colors. So soft and nice to knit with! Finished just in time to enter it to qualify for the first finishing deadline for Hippos 2018, see lolodidit group page on Ravelry for details.


Next on the needles is my project to be finished for February Hippos 2018, The Girl from the Grocery Store Shawl by Joji Locateli, see her page on Ravelry for details. I’m using Hippo for New Years 2018, Blue Suede Shoes and Beauty School Dropout. The original calls for just two colors, but I’m adding a third CC to the mix as contrast in the main section and will make the end lace at least one section extra. I’ve started a project page here…

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