Set Backs…..and Progress!

Progress… My Sandhurst Pullover is done and worn! It only took about 4 weeks to knit…on and off. But, since I finished in winter…catching a bit of bright daylight to weave in ends was scarce so took a bit more time to actually be wearable than I would have liked. The yarn is so soft. I should have…could have…..made the arm holes a bit larger, but I’m sooo not going to fix that! I can’t even imagine doing that at this point….ugh! No.


I really love the cabled yoke! And, what a perfect sunny morning to get photos done!

Set Backs….Still working on my Girl from the Grocery Store shawl. I’ve finished the main striping section and am now on the lace, but noticed a slight glitch when running my hand over it…as knitters do when knitting with wool so soft…



Geez, ignore the massive hang-nail I didn’t realize I had until I saw this photo close up! What??! Anyway, this is not a K1Below pattern, so back the stitches got laddered until I could make the correction. I really love these colors, glad the pink is a tertiary color rather than primary or secondary…I wear a lot of purple! I really had hoped to be done with this by now but I’m enjoying it and using it as an exercise in continental knitting.

Typically, I knit English with more of a quick flick rather than an elaborate throwing motion…my needles move at a bare minimum and my hand even less so, but I look for opportunities to alternate my method so I don’t end up with a repetitive stress problem. Craftsy has a great class in Portuguese knitting that I’ve been slowly taking…I need to find a knitting pin, but I really think this would be wonderful to master so I can have an additional knitting method to avoid having to not knit at all because it becomes too painful!

Now….to figure out what will be my ‘knitting during the Olympic’ project. Hmmm….

Happy Knitting!



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