A productively unproductive week…

I still can’t believe it! I knit all the way through sections 3 and 4 on my On The Spice Market shawl. As I wrote out the instructions for sections 5 and 6….I discovered a massive error in my transcribing! In three places in section 4 I wrote – and knit – kfb – when I should have been knitting kfbf! Ugh! Frogged back and restarted!

As if that wasn’t bad enough…my Drift sweater has been frogged, too! For some insane reason I have yet to figure, the yoke is a size too big, while the corresponding body is just fine! So taking back to where the yoke is the right size and refiguring to add stitches after the yoke to get back to the right number. Literally the yoke is baggy…then the body is right…how is that possible?!

When I explained all this to my best man on Sunday morning, he shook his head and said it just gave me more opportunity to enjoy the knitting. Can’t argue with that, though I’d like to! I’ve been enjoying all the podcast episodes from #EYF. I’m happy to experience it from this vantage point, though. Can’t wait to see more ‘haul’ videos…so much fun to see all the new yarnie goodness.

What’s on your needles?

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