On the move…moving on?

Yes, that’s another pair of socks! Three for the year,  these have been done for a couple weeks, I just kept forgetting to get a picture…though the one above is weird, it looks like the sock is loose on my left foot but really they fit perfectly. So, now its time to move on to another pair…these are out of mass produced sock yarn a la Patons or something like it….perfect for indestructible socks, rather than kooshy soft that wears out after one season!

On The Spice Market is back in my good graces! I’ve completed the section I messed up last week and am now on the last two color ‘block’ sections. The home-stretch is feeling pretty good, and at this point I can pretty much knit it anywhere! I’ve discovered it works great during bouts of insomnia, so the knitting is progressing even faster than usual. I’m running out of yarn, though….yarn chicken here I come!

My March Yarn Crush mystery box arrived this week, too. Awesome stuff, though the yarn is not enough yardage to do anything of any size. I’m not really into tiny projects. Thinking of what I can pair this with or maybe…order some more to go with??

I love the colors, though…and the nostepinne, wow! I’ve always wanted one and learned about 6 months ago to wind a center-pull ball on my thumb, so this should be really useful!

Happy Knitting!




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