Drifting into spring….

This is Drift, she’s a pullover by Kristen Finlay in Sueno in the Bowl of Raspberries Tonal colorway. She’s been my constant companion all week, in the car at stop-lights, on my lunch break, in the car with my best man taking a drive, at home in the evening…we’ve been faithful, and now we are at the point of waist decreases…

There are times when knitting becomes a real slog, and other times it goes so quickly I can hardly believe how far I’ve gotten when I look down and really notice.  This is one of those really fast knits. Sueno is so soft! I think I might get about 90% of this sweater done continental. The two actual pattern rows on the yoke are the exception…I just haven’t yet mastered yo-k2tog left handed and purling is doable, but not with any speed!

On The Spice Market is done…

This was a pretty quick knit…4 weeks. Though since I had to rip back the entire center section, the resulting knitting really didn’t take that long! I had the knitting done in time for Easter but the ends weren’t woven in and it still needed a bath, so, I wore it for the first time today. This is another Hippo…by Lolodidit….Mardi Gras 2018 is officially on the books and posted to IG for her monthly contest, as well as the MustLoveYarn KAL this spring.

Next on the needles, I think, is Snowflake by Tincanknits. My best man bought me some Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold a couple Sundays ago and I think it will be a perfect spring sweater for at the office, which is also what I’m hoping for with Drift. Also, I need to figure out what my May Hippo project is going to be…I have some Hippo for Valentines and Hippo for St. Patrick’s Day, with their coordinating minis….inspiration is just not jumping out at me. I’ve combed Ravelry and Pinterest. I think I want a raglan sweater this time, in a slightly boxy shape…out of….Hippo for Valentines…..

Happy Knitting!

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