Stash Enhancement

Local Yarn Store day got me!


The bamboo and Pima cotton are for now. I will dream fabulous smooshy-cashmere dreams until late fall!

My drift sweater is blocking. Photos and all the details to come.

So…..of course I’ve started something new!

This is Snowflake by TinCanKnits in Elsebeth Lavoisier Silky Wool -Mallard. If you haven’t tried this yarn… I’m almost through one skein and it is weightless! This is going to be an awesome summer work top. Coverage when I need it indoors but light as a feather for outside. I’m about 2/3 through the lace then join in the round and go!

Also in the needles is some car knitting. I’ve been working on a blanket for my son for forever. Started the 10-stitch circle blanket so long ago and made great progress but I can’t get the darn center to lay flat without looking so loose it gets lacey. And, full disclosure, I’m not a huge fan of garter stitch so I redid the math for st st which may be causing some/all of the problem to begin with! So even though I’ve put in so much time!!! it will give me great pleasure to rip it out! I’ve started corner to corner afghan with an I-cord edging that I’m really loving from Lang Javoll Magic in a black-blue-green color palette that he loves and I love working with. Hope he can be patient a little longer as I think we will both love the result—photos to come!

Yes. Time. To. Say. It. I’m missing MD Sheep and Wool this year. It’s rainy this weekend and I really don’t like to play in the mud. Plus going by myself just doesn’t thrill me. It’s a long drive to not have it be a shared fun day. Next year!

Happy knitting!

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